Amazing Testimony from Ghana

I really don’t know how many of you have heard the story of the puff-puff seller turned Longrich distributor. He inspires and motivates me daily!

….here is his story

My father died when I was six years, so I was living with my mother in one room in a very dirty jungle because we couldn’t afford house in the city.

My mother makes cup cake for me to hawk so that we can eat and take care of our basic needs, I was doing this hawking till my 22 years, I was tired and ashamed of hawking but I have no other alternative for me.

One day as I was going home after hawking for the day, I saw a Longrich seminar poster on the street but, the people  going in and out of the seminar were mostly the rich and middle class people ,so I was troubled in my heart, ONE MIND TOLD ME THAT THE SEMINAR IS FOR THE RICH AND NOT A POOR HAWKER LIKE ME BUT ANOTHER MIND TOLD ME THAT THIS POSTER IS CALLING EVERYBODY TO COME TO THE SEMINAR

As you know poverty and Rich is in your heart it depends on the one you accept.

I went home changed my cloth and came back to the venue of the Longrich seminar

After listening to the testimonies and opportunities in joining and becoming a Longrich distributor, I decided to join but I don’t have money to join

When I got home, I couldn’t sleep through the night so I took all the money we are saving from the hawking business, about 60.000 Cedis without telling my mother.

I went to Longrich office and bought few products and joined the company, my code was given to me, I started hawking Longrich tooth paste, soap, cream etc. One thing with long Rich product is that people will always want to buy it second time because it has result and testimony.

As am hawking Longrich products on the street and inside buses, People were buying and joining the business and I started going up….

One day one man came and wanted to join the business, I took him to Longrich office and he saw the opportunities in this business and joined, and brought many of his friend, family, contacts to join the business

As a poor hawker, I never think that I will go to the airport talk less of entering an aeroplane.

I just joined this business last year 2016, This year 2017, I have traveled to Dubai and stayed in 5 star hotel ALL EXPENSES PAID BY LONGRICH

I traveled to China and stayed in 5 star hotel, ALL EXPENSES PAID BY LONGRICH

I can’t still believe that a poor hawker like me will be enjoying life all because I decided to take a risk and change my destiny. I have also qualified for a brand new car, am getting a big amount of money in my account every week.

Longrich have changed my life and you can do it, just keep an open mind BELIEVE AND TRUST GOD!